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The transportation industry is characterized by complex national and international regulation and a multitude of sophisticated liability and insurance conditions. There is likely to be a large number of different parties involved in the transport chain and in depth knowledge of industry standards, industry customs and the different sets of standard contracts commonly used as well as a thorough understanding of the different “trades” is paramount.

We have deep insights into the industry which enables us to advise on all matters related to transportation and logistics. Our practise includes both transactional work (sale & purchase and financing of vessels and other types of transport equipment) as well as wet work in the form of cargo claims and insurance matters for all transportation modes.   

We experience an increasing demand for tailor-made transportation and logistics solutions from export businesses that are desirous of outsourcing parts of or their entire supply chain management. We advise on all aspects of outsourcing projects from the strategic considerations in the board room to the practical implementation.